by jeanne prouvost.

the artist.

Jeanne Prouvost is a Paris-based visual artist. Classically trained in textile design and visual communication, Prouvost’s passion for botany and illustration manifests across the vast and intricate facets of her work. Echoing the complexities and synchronicities of nature, Prouvost’s delicate graphic process entails the meticulous transcription of nature’s inherent fragility.

Prouvost’s frequent artistic expeditions to Asia notably enrich her Baroque themes with sensual detail and ornamental finesse. Asserting the unique character of each element she conjures, her celebratory illustrations of plants and birds assume an animative presence which awaken the imagination of the viewer. In the context of a universe which orbits the delicacy and abundance of nature, Prouvost’s graphic elements flirt with rudimentary shapes and complimentary colours. The result is a mesmerizing reciprocity of pattern play and scaled perspectives which further deepen the organic depth and dreamlike dimension of her work.