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Finding the ideal material for your space depends on your unique needs and preferences. Our selection of materials has been strategically developed with this in mind, carefully catering to your every expectation.

Samples are available for each of our materials. For ordering, simply click on the material you would like to try.

Non-Woven Matte Finish

Non-Woven / 170 g/m2, Exceptional matte finish. Light resistant. Paste the wall / Easy to install. Washable.

Euroclass certified and fire retardant.

Celebrated for its super matte effect and high impact graphics. 

From 57 €/m2

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Vinyl Performance Matte Finish

Heavy-Weight Non-Woven Base with vinyl coating / 350 g/m2, Smooth texture. Matte finish. Paste the Wall / Easy to install. Scratch resistant. Washable. Anti-microbial protection.

Euroclass certified and fire retardant.

A very high quality material that excels in all areas with an exceptional colour rendering.

From 69 €/m2

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Removable Phototex

Peel & Stick. 100% removable and reusable polyester fabric. No sticky wall residue. 

Ideal for diverse uses and projects, thanks to its exceptionally easy-to-install and easy-to-remove mechanisms perfect for both in an out of the home environment.

From 57 €/m2 

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